Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Taking shape.

World War Two thinks she's a mountain lion. We can't brake the news to her: she's an ordinary, lowly house cat.

It's getting so big! We've ordered our metal roof and we'll be putting it up next week, hopefully.
A bull snake crawled into the tires! It was a few feet long. Cute, for a snake. These snakes are good, they eat mice like crazy, and eat rattle snakes too. Yum.
Maybe this will be the last pie I bake in our temporary kitchen... I doubt it though.
This is what 1000 feet of string looks like when you drop the spool off the top of your house.
We got our sink!! Our SINK! OUR SINK! It's HUGE too!!
Almost as big as the encyclopedia I picked up!
We also (drum roll please) got our front door! And attic door! They are beautiful! Solid, carved wood! Cedar. They smell amazing! Front door:
Attic door:
If anyone wants to send me money to get my camera fixed, go for it.
From Kitchen, Greenhouse & Roof (Late Summer/Fall 2011)

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  1. Wow those doors are killer! Also....I'm excited to see the roof up!