Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cold Cat Falling Off the Hot Tin Roof


This morning WWII, the legendary, lionized, calico cat, decided to break her tail. Decided to walk on our stapled up vapor barrier, which appeared to be a cat floor. It broke, it was only temporarily stapled up. She fell. Her tail suffered. We think it's broken. We don't know what we're doing yet. Pray for the poor tail and it's cat.

On another note: same as always: I haven't updated because we've been insanely busy and we've gotten a lot done. Etc. Etc. Here goes.

We got half our roof up. It's the roof over the kitchen. We're moving out of the room we're in, and into the kitchen in a FEW DAYS. Then we will start working on the next roof, over the other room we were in: GOOD BYE PLASTIC ROOF FOREVER.

We are finished closing in the wall to this room. These pictures are taken over the last few weeks. The brick is where the sink will be on the other side, and the planter on this (greenhouse) side. The glass with stuff in it is bathroom wall. There is minimal visibility into it, but it still gets some sunlight.

All hail ET. From the "Bathroom" looking in.
From the "Kitchen" looking out.

This is the back of our house, Dain standing in the attic. We'll put that door up tomorrow (and the insulation in, and than MOVE IN (this room is much bigger))!

Two days ago, I woke up to an early snow fall. It's all melted now. It was pretty. If we had our cistern hooked up we would have got at least 100 gallons of water from this 1/2 in and this 1/4 of a roof we have! \

More to come, after we move in. Wish my cat well.