Friday, October 15, 2010

Wraping up phase one

I have been an extremely disfunctional blogger. I barely have time or energy to put clothes into the hamper, let alone drive to the library, sit down for an hour, organize pictures, upload them, and then tell my two to ten readers what we've been up too.

But for the sake of those two to ten readers, here you are. A nice, clean, fresh update about what goes on in rural northern New Mexico. The land of enchantment.

I roll out of bed tired and roll back into bed even more exhausted every day. I roll with only a little gusto. Though, it is all worth while. Soon, possibly even sooner than our first estimation, we will have a finished house and home. Five years from now, HERE WE COME.

We are nearly done with the tires (JUST ONE DAY AWAY!) for the first room, which will eventually be my bedroom. We have also gotten started on a can wall at the top of the room, which will be where we pour our bond beam for our roof.

Pictures Roll:

This is about two weeks ago.

We are using cardboard for our outer insulation, our "thermal wrap". This will save us a few thousand dollars. Collecting the cardboard is easy. One dumpster fills our truck to the brim usually. It's just a little more time consuming.

more cardboard:

piles and miles..

The cardboard is two feet thick, and wrapped in a couple layers of plastic for protection. It will be the height of the house, eventually. This is all experimental on our part: WISH US LUCK. >

The look of insanity:

About 30 tires away from finished (with room one), 250 down I believe.

Can wall to hold the bond beam. This will be plastered over eventually.

It's getting bigger every day. Slowly but surely.


It's Tarantula season! This is on a walk by the river, at the white place.