Saturday, April 16, 2011

Half done with kitchen walls!

It's been a busy month! Everything here is wonderful. Spring is in the air, which is almost awesome. The wind here is outstanding and sometimes out of control. That's only one or two days out of the week though, usually. For the most part, it feels like summer here, which makes me unbelievably happy.

Everyday has been a productive one. We're six tire levels up, out of our ten tire high walls! Over half way done. We're really moving fast with this one. Dain & I can pound a tire in fifteen minutes, no problem. It used to take me forty five minutes to pound a tire sometimes! We'll be done with these tires in a month. We have about 100 more to go. If we didn't have to knock down the hill in the back (to make the next wall, the back wall of the living room), we'd be done in two weeks. So be it. We're getting some of the next room done too, which was awesome when we began these tires a month ago.

Here is a picture of some friend labor from exactly a month ago:

And a picture from this morning:
We cemented some rocks into the wall this morning, did a few tires, some digging, and a little more cement. All before noon. Then we played a game of scrabble. I won.

It might seem like I always win, but I just don't write about the loosing*.

*losing with loosing.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A video!

A very low resolution tour of our "house" ............! More to come (video, and house).