Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FINALLY an update.. a little one

Ok, this is the third time I've wrote this blog update.. lets see if this will work (It gets shorter every time too.....)

Our fig tree that our friend Will gave us is growing figs! It's only it's second season!

And here's some other greenhouse plants... We've been busy Not Gardening. 

We turned our living room into studio space. It'll stay this way until we build Dain's bedroom. Then his room will be the studio until we finish the house, and then BUILD THE STUDIO. All in under ten years I hope. Some people have kids, we have house.

These stairs go up to our loft space. It's completely unfinished, but it's a living room space and a flop space for guests right now. It'll be finished in a few years, like everything else. We're too busy weaving to mind unfinished-ness right now.




We only have about 30 tires left til the ENTIRE house is done.. with it's tires!! This is a milestone. So excited.

And, I made a shirt, I wove it, sewed it, dyed it, and now I'm wearing it... probably everyday for three years. I made three others as well. MORE TO COME!