Thursday, June 23, 2011's getting hot in here...

Roofbeams being assembled. Adobe being assembled. Kitchen being assembled. Friends being assembled. July is here. It is hot out. And in. We still need to bury our house. It is always colder than outside, but not quite as cold as one would want it. For what it is, it's manageable, even for me. We are putting together our roof. Building scrap wood truss after scrap wood truss. We'll be done in about two more weeks maybe. Hopefully sooner. So many visitors though, it distracts us from the labor. And two more on the way... summer has begun.
We build these for the price of screws:
We have also been experimenting with adobe. We're pretty sure we'll be able to make it with our local dirt and sand from our property! This is exciting, because it'll be free, and efficient. It feels good to make adobe. It's so much easier than cement. It sticks more, and is cleaner and non-toxic. So, our current experimental recipe is: 1/2 dirt with clay in it from a specific site on our property, 1/2 sand from our arroyo, and two hand fulls of flour and straw that we got out of dumpsters.
Using the adobe as filler on the walls, eventually we'll plaster with adobe too:
And a final note: the fires wont stop. The pollution is insane. We haven't had a completely clear day in months. I am glad that they aren't any closer, but we can see the one in the Santa Fe forest burning. It's not a pretty sight. Stop stop stop the fires. The pollution does make for out of this world sunsets and moons.
From Kitchen!!
More to come.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kitchen tires: D-O-N-E

Kitchen updates are here! We've been busy. With visitors galore! Can't wait for the next two weeks: MOMENTS OF SILENCE. No visitors will be a good thing, actually. I'm not saying I don't like my friends.. but, I mean, we did move out here to be hermits. Of sorts. Secret Hermits, I guess. KITCHEN! 100% Tires done! 100% retaining wall (can wall) for bond beam done! 90% Bond beam done! 40% Wood for truss support done! HURRAY! We are also building the front wall so we can put the greenhouse walls up. Hopefully we'll get this done before winter! HURRY! This is last month:
and now (it will be one more tire high, then we'll put the glass wall on and have our INDOOR GREENHOUSE!!):
Done with tires for kitchen, done with can wall, almost done with bond beam (one more day of work!):
And a view from the top:
Alright! Cheers to digging, cheers to leveling the ground! Cheers to Pounding More Tires! Cheers to exclamation points!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Earthship Movement on KUNM

So, I guess I was on the radio a few months ago. Talking about building an earthship. Check it out! Here is the link if you're interested: Earthship Movement on KUNM