Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cowboys & Dirtykids

This movie (cowboys & aliens) is either just out, or about to be out... I don't know if I'll go see it. It was filmed a few miles away from my house...

See! Neat! Yet another busy day at work...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Starting our kitchen! (aka: livin' my dream)

We've been super busy, doing super awesome things (what's new, right?).

I got a job. An awesome job, that's just 3 days a week. I work at a Teen Center. I can either hang out with the teens, or not. I am setting up an art class. There are no teens here right now.. and there haven't been any here at all today.. but the center is brand new, so hopefully it'll pick up. Besides, I wanted to update my blog at a leisurely rate, so it's all for the best.

We've started our kitchen wall! We are now including a curved wall in the back of the room, where we'll put a built in couch. We always planned on the couch, but never planned on making the wall curve around it! This was exciting. More exciting than any job could ever be.
Here is the kitchen wall. One row of tires done, thanks to Dain! Who doesn't have a new job, or a part time job, but that good old full time house building job. I have two part time jobs, one where I get paid. One where I throw my back out 3 or 4 days of the week swinging a sledge hammer.

And thanks to the Teen Center's lack of attendance, here are some mock-up's of our "floor plans." A lot of people are still in the dark about what our house is going to look like. I mean, to some extent we are, a little, sometimes. The plans change constantly too. Never for the worse though. Some people have even thought that we were done. Let me tell you this: There is no way in hell I would live in one room for the rest of my life! We are building three more full rooms (bigger than the first even), a greenhouse, and a bathroom. Not to mention an outdoor patio with a BRICK OVEN! I'm not kidding! A brick oven. You, my friends will always be welcome over for pizza pies. And our roof is plastic right now! We're estimating that we'll get a real one around the end of summer. We're thinking of making it bright orange, but that's still up for decision.
From Kitchen!!

Anyways, here are the mock-ups.. to hopefully clarify a little.. (you could also go back to the beginning of the blog and read it, because I did go into a lot of detail over the last year...!) Oh, and our neighbor found a dead bobcat down the road. He told me that if I had the stomach for it, that I should go grab it. I did. We road bikes down there and got it. It was pretty messed up, but super amazing looking. We were afraid it would have diseases WWII would catch, so Dain buried it. We'll dig it up for the skeleton in a half year or so.
Oh, and it's spring. Which means that winter never happened. I love New Mexico.
From Spring! Again!
Alas, back to the "grind." I'm going to go work on a sewing project I brought.