Friday, June 6, 2014

Building our Dome!

We are building a dome over the mud room of our house. It will be a separate room above the mud room, accessible from outside. We are going to build a staircase up to it, in front of the house, eventually. It's about 12 feet in diameter, with a very low ceiling, about six and a half feet high.

Here's some pictures. We just started the plastering, and it seems like it's going to take quite some time to complete.

Here's the house before the Mudroom (about a month ago).

Luckily we had some friends in town, Reem, Dan, Genevieve, and Aminah to help! Getting these beams up was sort of insane!

And so... we first started with a rebar frame. This took forever, but not nearly as long as putting the tar paper and chicken wire around the frame! 

 Tar paper stage... and scaffolding. All of this additional wood will be removed when we finish plastering.

A view from the door, looking out of the dome room. 

 And this is the current state it's in, we have started the plastering. We're using cement plaster, as well as experimenting with Expanded Perlite. I'll let you know how that goes when we're through with it.

A new herd of donkies I aquired...

And here's our new greenhouse mosaic that is 80% done. Our friend Aminah started it, we are in the process of finishing it. We're going to mount a 3D snake head at the top, the crystal bottom is the snakes rattle.

Dain and I took a weaving class at the Espanola Fiber Arts Center this month! It was amazing! I should post what we made, maybe next post, I don't have any pictures! Here's Dain fixing up his pieces with our extremely well behaved cat. 

No time to proof read or spell check, so deal with it.

Later dudes.