Friday, September 16, 2011

Plastic Roof: Totally Unrecommended

I know it's New Mexico and all: but I do not recommend a plastic roof. Anywhere. It rains here, did you know that? It does. We get about 11 inches a year in our beautiful northern location. All 11 are greatly appreciated. It took a while this year, but they are a-comin'.

Fortunately our plastic roof is somehow still holding up. We had few intentions of having this improvised roof for such a long period. It's working, in an intricate maze like way. Keeping us dry. Thank you plastic sheeting?

A funny thing that I wouldn't believe you if you told me: Plastic sheeting is extremely expensive. If we find 12 feet X 100 feet for $60.00, we're excited! What a joke. I never thought I'd spend so much money on plastic.

Plastic: Not lovely. Waking up to this, very lovely.

From Kitchen, Greenhouse & Roof (Late Summer/Fall 2011)

Sometimes I feel like I live in Jurasic Park. Thank you mother earth, I love that movie.

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