Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Finally, a ROOF D. SI. TiON.

We have come to a conclusion that picking out a roof from the company "metal sales" is worthless. They offer the most bland assortment of colors. Beige, dark beige, light beige, gray, dark gray, light gray. Etc? Why is it that Americans enjoy these colors? It hurts my eyes, my soul, my head. I was depressed this morning, when once again, we stared at our sample color chips. It actually almost gave me an anxiety attack! We don't need this "pro-panel roof" except for the fact that it is a lifetime option, one of the most inexpensive, and it will possibly NEVER need repairs. So, in a way, we do need this roof.

Here is what the have to "offer" (please try not to cry):

Bland, bland, and blander can not stop us.

We've decided to do this:
We're using all the colors. Take that metal sales! A rainbow of roof. And, if you're ever flying over us, you'll notice. Otherwise, it's not even going to be that obvious, unfortunately.


  1. raise high the khaki roof beams, carpenters!

  2. The roof beams, being wooden, will be khaki. Ppppst: making you a mix tape today (ish)!

  3. why not go for patriot red? :)

  4. pick patriod red! i mean, it's even redder than red, apparently!

  5. We are using all of the colors, a striped rainbow roof.