Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Burning Hot Oil, Mid Summer Work Parties

A lot has been getting done 'round here!

We have had guest after guest after guest. We've had a stream of friends coming in for the past month and a half. My cousin is here now helping us work. It's been busy busy busy, and I'm excited for winter down time: long lonely dark nights, getting snowed in, etc. But as for now: We are here, working, sweating, and then working some more.

We have been working on the front wall of our house. We will be putting up the slanted glass wall on this tire wall. The cans are put in place for our bond beam. This winter we will have so much more space! As well as more heat, because the house is buried more, and also: we'll have two glass walls! A real roof too! And not to mention, we'll be getting our solar set up, refrigerator, and kitchen soon! What a dream. What more could we ask for? A bathroom maybe...
We are getting very very close.... /tr>
The sun hasn't been treating us too well, a lot of people are saying we are beginning to resemble gnomes. Here is our most recent portrait:
A ridiculous mural that I painted, with my friend Ossian, for my cousin Sam:
And in other news: I burned the living day lights out of myself with some hot oil. It splattered all over my neck mostly, but hit my face and shoulders too. It's the worst I've ever been burnt. But at least I dyed my hair orange first so I looked awesome whilst being burnt.
That was the first day... It's been three days. Now they are all exploding blisters. It hurts. If yr gonna do it, do it all the way: >
Ouch, Amanda J Speer

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  1. how did you burn yourself with the hot oil? just cooking?