Thursday, July 29, 2010

Never say finished.

Today is 7-29-2010.

Ground was broken ironically on independence day, 25 days ago, 7-4-2010. The 1st tire was filled 8 days ago, on 7-21-2010. There is currently 56 feet in length of trench dug. The trench is 3 feet in width. If you multiply the width by the length, there are approximately 280 square feet dug.

If you multiply that by the average of 4 feet in depth, there have been approximately 1,120 cubic feet of dirt removed.

A humble estimation: 1 cubic foot of dirt weighs between 80-90 pounds. That means that we have moved, and re-moved at times, 95,200 pounds of dirt.

We have filled 22 tires to date. A tire in an earthship home is pounded with 300-400 pounds of dirt. Thus, we have pounded 6,600-8,800 pounds of dirt. This would have to be added to the 95,200 pounds of dirt that we had removed, originally. Because we removed it, then moved it again, whilst putting it into tires. So, we have moved not 95,200 pounds of dirt, but somewhere around 102,900 pounds of dirt.

It has been as hot at 97 degrees fahrenheit since 7-04-2010, and fortunately, as low as 58. We have had approximately 3 beautiful inches of rain water. Raining nearly everyday, which would be about 20 times.

Unfortunately, we have only taken 3 days off. Count today, 4. 2 days prior, 7-27-2010, was 1 of those days. We tried to relax, but maybe we are no longer able to do that. We spent the day making pasta. We used about 10 cups of flour. Made 3 different kinds, and now have about 1.5 pounds of pasta secco.

You wont be surprised to hear that we are tired. But more than anything, and as usual, we are satisfied. We have about 1/2 of 1 wall done with pounded tires. We have about 80% of the trench, where the first wall, our kitchen wall is going, dug out. We have spent a total of 0 dollars on this house so far. And probably about 100-150 hours of working. Not counting the hours spent thinking about the house.

We have minimal energy when the day is through, but always enough to score 360 points in a game of scrabble. 1 night prior to last Dain beat me by 74 points, but I took over last night and beat him by 91 points.

But who's counting?

Pasta Party:
Tire Party:
And another day at the office party (dress code is extremely casual):
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