Friday, July 9, 2010

Ground-breaking News!

We have broken ground! A trench has been started. Dig after dig after dig. The hole in the earth is getting bigger, slowly, minute-by-minute. The only reason my sanity still exists is the fact that this monstrous hole that I am digging is for me. It is a wall. It will be my wall. It will be a wall in my home for eternity. Right now it is just a dirt cliff. The trench I am in is about four feet deep. The dirt surrounding me is rock solid. Earthship, here we come.

My arms are like jell-o every evening. We have only been digging since July 4th, which, like our country, is also the birth of the home. The trench is much larger than I would have imagined it to be for four days of work. We are satisfied, though, constantly fatigued.

We've been celebrating with droopy eyes and tired hands. Drinking homemade sangria, eating North Carolina BBQ. It rained yesterday evening. At the end of the storm we were congratulated with a double rainbow. We could see both ends of each rainbow. It was the most magnificent sights I've seen out here yet! We threw down the shovels and ran fast to find our pot of gold. Well not exactly, but we did throw down our shovels and finish the sangria while watching the beautiful sight.

Breaking ground for the earthship.
Some fire works to celebrate.
Siesta everyday.
Constant presents from WWII.
Our closest neighbor is the end of the rainbow.

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