Thursday, April 16, 2015

Winter/Spring 2015: Quick Update

I feel as if my last post was about 2 weeks premature. Here are some more details: A dry(ing) adobe floor, and some framing of some rooms...

Plastering the final coat of the kitchen's Adobe floor!

Almost dry! Another week and then we will seal it. After it's sealed it is the color of the wet floor, that nice dark brown.

 This is already outdated! We have framed more of this room and the greenhouse to date, but you get the idea.

The beginnings of our new outhouse mad out of adobe and bottles. It will have a cement plastered roof and be semi-permanent but probably not always used... Mostly it's just a fun project we started. It will whistle in the wind!

 A cat that is much too big for her new flower pot - or - A cat hatching basil

Dain working on his latest scarf - or - a strange Picture of a strange Person

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