Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So, to anyone who did not receive this card, I appologize. Here we are, at our best:

We have been busy. Taking it easy. But working as well. The past few weeks have been amazing. We got into our house, as you know, a day before our pronounced 6 Month deadline. We are now happily keeping warm at night, and have a place to keep out the dust! As well as a place to cook some amazing meals. We have been having fun. People ask us what we do. We make some art, play board games, play cards, scrabble of course. We read too many books. Sometime one a day. We write our friends who don't write us back. We take long walks, and the cat comes with us too! We watch movies, listen to music. We do everything any one does, for the most part, but out here, surrounded by no one and with the utmost peace and quiet.

Here are some updates, picture wise:

A tree in our yard... came into bloom?!

A christmas story:
A few weeks ago we got about 4 inches of snow! It was cold for a whole 3 days! It has been in the 50's and 60's everyday since! WHAT A WONDERFUL WONDERLAND, NORTHER NEW MEXICO!

WWII is in heaven (as are we):

We've cooked some AMAZING meals:

Sometimes I feel like it doesn't look like much.. but I know I'm wrong! Eventually, this room will be inside. It's so cool that we could enclose it first, and move in so soon.

We've been building a tire platform. We will put our cistern on this in a few weeks. It will be either a 2500 gallon cistern, or 3200 gallons. We need to get what ever fits best. Either will suffice. In the future we're going to add another cistern too, to have about 5 or 6,000 gallons.

We even had a few friends visit. I made these coffee addicts some coffee cakes!

Hiking around! We went a couple of miles! The cat came the whole way!

We have accumulated an couple cows worth of bones. It is turning into quite the collection.. and we're not even sure what we're doing with them yet...
More to come soon, I'm sure... up next: GETTING THE CISTERN!

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  1. How do you guys get electricity and water out there? What do you do for bathrooms? I'm just so intrigued by your development...so curious!