Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am at a lose for words.

Rain sent me to the library. I know I need to update this. I will do so with pictures as a narrative.

This is not fun:
In the future we will have water through this:
Future home in a pile:
Oh look it's becoming a bedroom:
Six Feet Under, This is the back of the kitchen, where we are now ready to start building the wall dividing the kitchen and the living room, yikes:
Our airconditioning system:
(It took a week to dig out and 10 minutes to re-bury).

OK one important note: We have changed our game plan. We are now building my bedroom first. This, because it will be easier to finish than the kitchen. It is already getting cold. We should have a real roof beam over our heads by December. Wish us luck. Luck. Luck.

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    Luck and love to you both. I'm astounded by your progress. Keep your spirits up and know that your friends around the country are cheering you on!